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Getting To Know Your Newborn

Being pregnant is one experience, raising up your little one will be another. The first few months will demand a lot of attention. Every baby is different. Once you get to know your baby, things will be smooth. The period of birth is a vulnerable time for an infant, who is still undergoing many physiologic […]

Nurture the New Born

The arrival of a newborn brings joy to the whole family, especially the parents and along with this joy, it brings upon a big responsibility too. The baby is wholly dependent on the parents and craves for attention, love and care from them. Nurturing the new born is both an art and a science, where […]

How Does Vedic Chant Help The Mother-To-Be To Face Delivery Challenges? Learn How…

As stated above the chants are specifically chosen from different parts of Vedas to help the mother in achieving a safe and easy delivery. Listening to the mantras establishes a channel of communication between the mother and her baby in helping her motivate the child and easing labor pains. Apart from eliminating fear of labour […]

Know What To Do When Labor Starts

It is called labor for a reason. Those hours of huffing, puffing, and pushing are sure to be hard work. But with some education and planning, you can make the process easier. Breathing easy is a tried-and-true method essential for relaxation during childbirth. Focused, deep breathing can calm you down in the first stage of […]

Preparation For Labor – Learn About The Birth Process

Childbirth is a normal, natural, and healthy process that women should be empowered to approach it with confidence. It is possible to have labor with relatively little pain, but it is wise to prepare yourself by planning some strategies for coping with pain. Learning for coping pain is one of the best ways to ensure […]

The Truth About Labor Pain

Fear of childbirth has become a modern day epidemic amongst pregnant women. More than ever, women are frightened about the labor pains. Perhaps it is a reflection of the lack of support, education and exposure we have for  pregnancy and birth. Or, perhaps it’s the way we care for pregnant women in this day and […]

What Are The Fears Pregnant Women Generally Have?

Fears vary depending on the trimester in which they are. Generally during the first trimester it is the fear of sustenance of the pregnancy and the physical discomforts. Concerns during second and third trimesters are generally about the well-being of the baby and the growing physical changes/discomforts of the mother. The last few weeks are […]

Strengthening Your Relationship For The Little One

Pregnancy is an emotional time for couples. Couples who share their expectations, excitement and fears about having a child will forge deeper bonds of understanding to sustain them through the experience. Couples who attune their desires for parenthood are more mentally ready for the new phase of their life and are less likely to resent […]

Guidelines for Meditation

You must learn the art of meditation under an experienced teacher. Practice meditation regularly and preferably at the same time every day.  Choose a time where there is least disturbance. Sit with your spine straight and erect. A mantra like AUM, Soham, or a Guru mantra can be used as an object of meditation. Its […]

Meditation techniques

To attain the technique of meditation from gross level to subtle level we can train our mind to focus on an object like your own breath, or a flower or a candle flame or a mantra or any object that you can easily focus upon.  If the mind gets diverted do not feel discouraged. Gently […]

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