How Does Vedic Chant Help The Mother-To-Be To Face Delivery Challenges? Learn How…

As stated above the chants are specifically chosen from different parts of Vedas to help the mother in achieving a safe and easy delivery. Listening to the mantras establishes a channel of communication between the mother and her baby in helping her motivate the child and easing labor pains. Apart from eliminating fear of labour pains and anxiety, the mantras help the mother to discover and experience the joy of giving birth. The powerful vibration of the chants renders relaxation and a sense of ease which every pregnant woman looks forward to. Listening to the chants with utmost faith and attention will definitely yield great results.


The salient points of the blog are summarized as below:

  • A clear and focused mind provides the mother-to-be with a greater opportunity of managing a positive labor.
  • The mother-to-be must realize that nature has given every woman the inner strength to experience and endure the pain of delivery.
  • She should realize that the pain which she experiences during labor is healthy.
  • When the pain is defined as productive and contributing to the process of delivery, her body and mind responds in a more positive way.

Let the vibrations of the Vedic chants help provide a favorable environment and pave way for a smooth delivery.

Be receptive and open the mantras. Let them pervade and permeate into every cell of your body. Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras.

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