Care And Nurturing

The early years in a baby’s life are the best for parents to make the baby feel wanted, appreciated, stimulated and comforted. This will help the baby to develop its own unique identity. Empathy, to care, to share, and a host of other fundamental values are formed in infancy and early childhood. Nurturing at this stage helps the baby to create a strong bond with the parents, aiding baby to reach its full potential in later years. A secure environment for a new born baby lays a strong foundation for life with an eagerness to learn, to be self-aware, to develop trust and to be considerate towards others. An insecure existence during infancy leads to lack of self confidence and inability to relate to others.
Bonding and attachment happen instinctively between mothers and babies, but, unfortunately, loving your baby doesn’t automatically result in secure attachment. Secure attachment develops from your ability to manage your stress, respond to your baby’s cues, and successfully soothe your infant.

A secure attachment bond teaches your baby to trust you, to communicate their feelings to you, and eventually to trust others as well. As you and your baby connect with one another, your baby learns how to have a healthy sense of self and how to be in a loving, empathetic relationship. Secure attachment causes the parts of your baby’s brain responsible for social and emotional development, communication, and relationships to grow and develop in the best way possible. This relationship becomes the foundation of your child’s ability to connect with others in a healthy way.

Our ancient Vedic text says developing the emotional intelligence of a baby is possible by stimulating the babies’ brain during infancy.  A child with a high emotional intelligence is better able to cope with his feelings, soothe himself, understand and relate well to other people, and form strong friendships than a child whose emotional intelligence is less well developed. Listening to Vedic chants or mantras helps in stimulating the baby’s brain thus achieving well developed emotional intelligence in the child.

Do you know that along with parents love the baby can also be introduced to Vedic mantras for nurturing and well being? So what do Vedic texts have to say on nurturing the newborn?

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