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To spread the knowledge and wisdom of Vedas to benefit mankind.


To continuously engage in the research of Vedas to provide practical solutions for present day requirements.

Ojas Foundation

The Founder of Ojas Foundation Shri Tatwamasi Dixit was introduced to the power and breadth of the Vedas as early as at the age of three by his father and Guru Sri Srivasasa Deekshithar. His mission is to translate and integrate the practical and innovative application of Vedic knowledge with contemporary management systems. 

An avid practioner in the field of Vedas specializing in Vedic Psychology and management he established Ojas Foundation in the year 2000 with the philosophy of establishing a Vedic way to healthy living by guiding people on the path to recovery, progress and spiritual enlightenment.

Although Vedas are the reservoir of knowledge, the applications of this knowledge in the present scenario necessitates it to be made simple such that it can be understood by even a common man. Vedas not only stress on how an individual should live, it is also a storehouse of those invaluable treasures which offers guidance to a holistic healthy living. 
Based on fundamental and applied research work on Vedas, its allied scriptures and extensive study, this knowledge has been synergized with various alternate and modern medical sciences to formulate effective compilations on pregnancy, wellness and holistic health care.

Translating the Vedic knowledge into simpler practical forms has been the hall mark of OJAS Foundation.
Shri Dixit was conferred the “Maharishi Badrayan Vyas Samman” by the President of India for the work done by him towards interdisciplinary studies on ancient Indian wisdom to the process of synergy between modernity and tradition.

The Vision of the Foundation is to spread knowledge and Wisdom of Vedas and the mission is to continuously apply its principles to benefit the mankind by providing practical solutions to the problems faced by them in their daily lives.
Ojas Foundation,
22/2, Judge Jambulingam Street,
Off Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600004
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