What Are The Fears Pregnant Women Generally Have?

Fears vary depending on the trimester in which they are. Generally during the first trimester it is the fear of sustenance of the pregnancy and the physical discomforts. Concerns during second and third trimesters are generally about the well-being of the baby and the growing physical changes/discomforts of the mother. The last few weeks are the time when the mother-to-be is really gripped with the fear of labor pains and birth.

If the mother is unhappy or unhealthy this affects the baby and their developing relationship. Conversely a nurtured mother overflowing with joy and health showers that energy onto her child.

India has a wonderful tradition where a pregnant woman stays with her parents three months before and after having the baby to ensure that she gets abundant rest, support and nurturing. This enables a woman to recover from the extraordinary mental and physical stresses placed on her through childbearing, allowing her the relaxed time and assistance needed to bond with the baby.

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