Know What To Do When Labor Starts

It is called labor for a reason. Those hours of huffing, puffing, and pushing are sure to be hard work. But with some education and planning, you can make the process easier. Breathing easy is a tried-and-true method essential for relaxation during childbirth. Focused, deep breathing can calm you down in the first stage of labor. Visualizing less pain – instead of thinking that you are in labor for so many hours fill your mind with positive images which would help you relax. Listening to soothing music helps a lot in relaxing an anxious mother.

Ancient scriptures say that Vedic sounds have a profound effect on the listener’s body. Vedic sounds in the form of mantras or chants from a specific branch of Vedic literature that corresponds to the appropriate area of the body helps in restoring health and well being of the person. Mantras are energy-based sounds that quiet the mind, energize prana (life force) and create inner clarity, power, and harmony. When the mother-to-be listens to these specific Vedic chants a couple of weeks ahead of her labor it can go a long way in helping her relieving her anxiety and fear to achieve a natural delivery.

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