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In the everyday life, the greater the amount of concentration an individual can congregate in him, the greater is his share of success. The mother in meditation surrenders absolutely to her child or to Almighty, gains intellectual poise, mental peace, and integrity beyond the ordinary purview of the average. The pregnant woman’s body gets into […]

Journey to Parenthood

Vedic scriptures say pregnancy or childbirth is a cause for jubilation. Pregnancy is a time that brings with it both joy as well as several new responsibilities. For women who choose to bear children, their journey through pregnancy, labor, and birth is a bio -psychosocial process that will occupy almost a year of their lives. […]

The Miracle Of Human Creation – Importance Of Human Birth

Ancient texts say that being born on Earth as a human being is a blessing. It is not an easy process but the rewards are many. The experience gained from the cyclic process of birth and death, the opportunity to exhaust one’s karma and the chance to free oneself from that same process are gifts […]

Ease Your Delivery

The Vedas say that we are all made up of five basic elements- air, fire, water, earth and ether. All things in the Universe are built from them. This is true for the beautiful process of human birth too. Of all the creatures on Earth, mankind is unique because we possess a sixth sense. The […]

What does baby learn in the womb?

Listening to Vedic chants introduces the baby to the Universe, Nature, Humanity, Society, Family, Culture and Values and help baby develop into a responsible human being. The mantras help the pregnant mother realize the intrinsic capacity in her to connect to her baby, which helps in establishing a strong and a viable bond. Through this […]

Mantras For Your Baby’s Personality

Ancient scriptures like Vedas have prescribed mantras for the health, well-being and development of the child in the womb. Vedic chants have a profound effect on the mother and baby. Vedic mantras permeate and nurture the mind and soul. Vedic mantras enhance hearing and listening capabilities. The structured Vedic sound vibrations activate the subtle areas […]

Develop Baby Into A Holistic Human Being

As mentioned in the previous blogs, parents get the lifetime opportunity of being a teacher to their baby while still in the womb. The battle for parents today is bringing up a child who is physically, emotionally and spiritually well balanced.  Prenatal learning gives the parents the opportunity to teach core values of life to […]

Stimulating Baby’s Senses

Research has shown that baby’s senses start to develop even before they’re born. The benefits of actively stimulating babies while in the womb are evident immediately after birth with higher levels of alertness and awareness. From playing music, talking or reading out stories, stimulated babies are able to begin life with an advantage, being born […]

Expression Of Love And Reassurance

Though the womb is considered to be the place of safety and protection, the baby has its own anxiety and fears. Babies raised in calm, loving, and safe environments while they are still in the womb prime their brains to repeat those calm and loving behaviors as babies, children, and adults. So it is the […]

The Unique Opportunity

During the first trimester the pregnant woman experiences sudden changes due to the abundant hormones in her body to stabilize the pregnancy. Due to the physical and emotional changes caused by the sudden surge of hormones the mother is not in a position to contribute much for the baby, since her very concern is about […]

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