Stimulating Baby’s Senses

Research has shown that baby’s senses start to develop even before they’re born. The benefits of actively stimulating babies while in the womb are evident immediately after birth with higher levels of alertness and awareness. From playing music, talking or reading out stories, stimulated babies are able to begin life with an advantage, being born with more confidence and the ability to learn more easily. Vedic texts also emphasizes learning in the womb, giving examples of great saints like Prahlad, Abhimanyu and Sukadeva Gosvami receiving spiritual knowledge while in utero.

Prenatal stimulation is a process that encourages learning in unborn babies optimizing holistic development. The way parents interact with their babies even before they are born has an impact on the development of the child later in life. Communicating with the unborn child provides the stable, supportive environment that every child needs in order to learn and grow and this is the final goal of the prenatal stimulation technique.

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