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Eliminate High Blood Pressure

Ojas Wellness Series - Vedic Mantra Compilations - Eliminate High Blood Pressure
The cause of high blood pressure varies. One of the reasons for high blood pressure is that today’s modern lifestyle imposes a lot of stress which leads to the development of essential hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure. This problem is fuelled by the fact that hypertension remains asymptomatic in many cases and evades early detection and treatment.

Anxiety causes high blood pressure by increasing heart rate and constricting the blood vessels. Though the cause of high blood pressure varies anxiety and high blood pressure are interrelated.

Any issue, be it big or small, when left unattended and unresolved leads to stress and anxiety. Poorly controlled high blood pressure leads to vitiation of plasma and lymphocyte circulation, which disturbs the blood chemistry and gets manifested in the form of essential hypertension.

Most people with high blood pressure do not have any high blood pressure symptoms, since the effects are occurring inside the body. Proper food and diet can control high blood pressure.
It has been widely accepted that Vedic mantras can put you in touch with the source of your mind and help you regain a higher level of consciousness. Listening to Vedic chants helps you attain a state of restful alertness while also increasing frontal alpha coherence and cerebral blood flow.

Listening to these hymns takes you through a meditative process that fills the mind with the right form of energy and helps in managing high blood pressure.

Learn to de-stress yourself by listening to Vedic chants which is one of the natural ways to control and reduce high blood pressure.

Benefits of the Mantras

• Regulates the flow of energy in the blood stream
• Assists in the body’s innate cleaning process
• Helps to maintain the tone and texture of arteries
• Helps in establishing balance in the body’s external and internal energy
• Removes all underlying stress

The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in 7 tracks

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The Vedas are timeless. They transcend religion and beliefs. They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom. Traditionally it has been taught that listening to Vedic mantras, permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.Listening to Vedic Healing Mantras permeates, heals and nurtures the body, mind and soul. They put you in touch with the cosmic energy source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness.
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