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For a Healthy Heart

Ojas Wellness Series - Vedic Mantra Compilations - For a Healthy Heart
The human heart is the seat of emotions. Negative energies inflict pain upon it, and if not dealt with it in the right manner, this compounded emotional stress gets converted into physical ailments of the heart. For a healthy heart, it is thus imperative that one refrains from looking for faults and imperfections in others as they have a negative effect. On the other hand, when the heart generously perceives and appreciates the good qualities of other, it will be filled with positive energy. How to have a healthy heart? Any program aimed at the prevention of heart diseases involves active reduction of stress. When the body, mind and soul are in perfect harmony and balance with each other, the resonance and equilibrium of the heart is restored.

Along with preventive and rehabilitating steps, protect your heart by listening to this Vedic compilation. Listening to the mantras will relieve the mental stress and strengthen the heart, thus helping us fight against the negative energies that could weaken our heart and will place you firmly on the path to good health and well being.
Listen to Vedic chants from Ojas Foundation and know how to get a healthier heart.

Women are more prone to stress than men. Listen to our Vedic chants, which eliminates stress and guides on improving heart health for women.

Benefits of the Mantras

• Induces the heart with forgiving tendency and helps in letting go off baggage
• Pervades the heart with love and empathy
• Restores the resonance & equilibrium of the heart
• Helps in breaking the pattern of guilt & isolation by tapping into the abundant cosmic energy
• Places you firmly on the path of good health and well-being

The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in 13 tracks

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The Vedas are timeless. They transcend religion and beliefs. They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom. Traditionally it has been taught that listening to Vedic mantras, permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.Listening to Vedic Healing Mantras permeates, heals and nurtures the body, mind and soul. They put you in touch with the cosmic energy source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness.
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