What does baby learn in the womb?

Listening to Vedic chants introduces the baby to the Universe, Nature, Humanity, Society, Family, Culture and Values and help baby develop into a responsible human being. The mantras help the pregnant mother realize the intrinsic capacity in her to connect to her baby, which helps in establishing a strong and a viable bond. Through this bond, the mother can impart fundamental values of life to the baby and assist the baby imbibe the teachings of life skills for a purposeful living. Above all, the baby in the womb gets the privilege of obtaining a strong identity through prenatal learning.

We hope you would have got sufficient information on the impact of Vedic chants and the benefits of prenatal learning through this blog.

We would like to conclude here by highlighting the multidimensional effects of prenatal learning which is done through prenatal stimulation techniques…

  • Stimulating leads to empowerment of the unborn child.
  • Establishes channels of communication between mother and child.
  • Provides a strong foundation for later learning and behaviour.

Are you curious to know how to initiate this learning process?

Listen to the Vedic mantras that are specifically chosen to introduce prenatal learning for your baby in womb. Let the subtle vibrations induce positivity in you and let the baby in you enjoy the benefits of the chants.

Be receptive and open to the mantras. Let them pervade and permeate into every cell of your body. Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras.

Make the optimum use of this unique opportunity. Cherish this time during your pregnancy and make it count for both of you! Explore about the mantras for prenatal learning.

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