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The ancient doctrine Varnashrama Dharma, describes duties to be performed according to the system of four varnas (social divisions) and four ashramas (stages in life). The varnas are the four classes of society viz Brahmins, Khatriyas, Vyshyas and Sudras. The four ashramas are as follows.

Brahmacharya which is the learning phase, where one is educated in academics and skills to help him/ her make a living later, Grahastha which is the worldly phase when a person enters into a family life through experience and shoulders responsibilities in this phase, Vanaprastha which is the retirement phase when one has fulfilled most of his worldly duties and handed over the reins to subsequent generations, and Sanyasa, which is the phase of renunciation and deliverance from the world. It is important to note here that Vanaprastha doesn

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