Hypertension, headache due to congestion, very weak abdominal muscles.
Lie on the floor close to a wall so that the buttock is against the wall. Slowly start raising the legs along the length of the wall. Relax and breathe normally.
Helps to get rid of varicose veins.
Indigestion, lack of appetite and constipation can be prevented.
Gives the benefit of headstand.
Can be practiced for postnatal stages.
Good for the internal organs of abdominal cavity








High or low blood pressure, severe headache, serious lower back or neck injury
Lie down on your back. Stretch your legs pointing the toes. Taking support of the palms under your thigh, lifting the chest up, place the crown of the head on the floor. Release the arms on your thighs.
Improves functioning of lungs and abdominal organs. Back and neck muscles also get strengthened.








Painful spine, acute abdominal problems.

Lie on your back.
Bend both the legs at knee. Take both the legs to right side and head to the left, keeping shoulders on the ground. Hands folding at elbow. Rhythmic breathing repeat on the other side.

Removes stiffness from back and legs.
Sluggishness in the abdominal area gets cleared.
















Severe neck and spinal pain
Keep torso in horizontal position.
Backward and forward bending without support on dorsal or ventral side.
Muscle toning on the abdominal organs. Relaxes and relieves fatigue of back muscles.


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