You can find babies listening to Vedic chants bond well with their parents. They are less fussy and are showered with glow, radiance and exuberance. Most of all, babies listening to Vedic chants are blessed with a long and healthy life.

The structured Vedic sound vibrations activate the subtle areas like brain cells and influence both hemispheres of the brain resulting in good retention and attention. Vedic chanting also has a calming effect on the pregnant woman’s physical and emotional states. This in turn helps the mother in absorbing and transferring the learning to the baby.

Studies indicate that babies begin to respond to sound stimulation as early as 24 weeks of pregnancy. Hence it would be ideal for you to start listening around this time.

Prenatal learning opens up the opportunity for the parents-to-be to focus, interact and shower their love on the baby. The baby also reacts with interest and curiosity which could be felt by the rhythmic kicking, hand or leg movements. This develops a strong bond between the parents and the baby and the mother-to-be also gets the satisfaction of doing something beneficial for her child.

Babies that have enjoyed prenatal learning are found to be more responsive, interactive and alert. They are able to easily adjust and appreciate the environment in which they live.

In the prenatal months, the brain is at its most receptive stage of learning. Prenatal learning strengthens a child's ability to learn during the developmental period when the advantages will be most significant for the child.

Listening to the mantras in the cd will be of immense help in removing your anxiety and fear about labor pains. The vibrations of the mantras will infuse you with positive energy and prepare you for the labor and delivery challenges.

Every mother-to-be will have both positive and negative emotions. In order to ensure the health of the baby it is the duty of every mother-to-be to channelize only her positive emotions to the baby. Listening to Vedic mantras helps in channelizing mother’s emotions in a positive way.

The vedic chants or mantras in the cd resets any emotional imbalances in the mother and brings harmony and peace.  Once this is achieved, you will be able to connect well with your baby.

A second time mother will obviously have her own set of physical and emotional upheavals. Listening to the cd provides the conducive environment to take care of yourself, your first child as well as the baby in the womb.

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