Listening to Vedic chants has multiple benefits on the listener. This cd contains mantras specifically chosen to improve your memory and intellect. Listening to the cd at regular intervals will definitely give you the desired results.

The vibrations caused by the Vedic chants helps cultivate superior thoughts and thereby engages you with the supreme mind. The intellectual mind is also stimulated by these vibrations to help attain enlightenment

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Hearing these mantras at regular intervals helps the mind shed unnecessary stress and frees itself from the stronghold of unwanted thoughts, thereby avoiding mental fatigue and improves brain activity.

The Vedic chant stimulates both the used and unused cells of the brain and increases memory. It also enhances the capabilities of mind to focus, retain & recollect information.

People of all ages can listen to the cd but the desired results of the Vedic mantras are achieved only by listening with full focus, faith and devotion.

Yes. The Vedic mantras allow the brain cells to vibrate at the optimum frequency which provides necessary brain exercise to increase memory.

The Vedic mantras are the secret but powerful agents which allow our brain cells to vibrate at the optimum frequency and these vibrations improve and provide the mind with the most conducive environment for growth.

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