When the mother’s body need to adapt to the growing baby and changing hormones, discomfort is inevitable.  With strengthening of muscles and willful acceptance you can cope with the demands of the body.

Through mutual understanding and effective communication a couple can bring most functional, rational desires which they would look forward in their child. With right guidance and parenting desirable outcomes can be expected in the child.

This is one of the right times to congregate the differentiating opinion of a couple. With conscious and responsible behaviour a healthy relationship can be established among a couple.  By adopting the right methodology this can be communicated to the child.

The awareness and acceptance and readiness to modify the thoughts for good will help to take control of feelings.

The most common desire of a pregnant woman is the health and happiness of her baby.

The psychological disturbance is common due to the hormonal changes in the body. By knowing the right things and by adopting right methodology an expectant mother can imbibe positive thoughts.

Yes, they have! The words are carried to the brain as electrical signals where the brain augments and give instructions to the corresponding organs.

The cells of our organs have consciousness. The right input through thought and deeds will ensure nourishment of the cells of the internal organs.

Protection need to be given from all perspective such as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. The grounded feeling in protecting the baby will help to safeguard the pregnancy.

In general the mother needs to take care of the overall well being of her. The consciousness about organs involved in pregnancy will ensure proper nourishment to the growing fetus.

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