You can listen to the cd any number of times you want. There is no restriction.

Nothing attunes the body, mind and breath like the pulsation of sound. There are multiple layers of symbolism associated with each and every sound of sacred mantras. So even when we do not understand them, mantras have great power. Full focus, faith and devotion are the only requisites needed to get the desired results.

Yes, your perception of reality evolves, and in time, your tendency to worry diminishes. Answers and solutions come to you spontaneously. You start to feel happier, more joyful.

Mantras are a powerful method for the removal of obstacles and for the dissolution of crisis. They bring clarity where there is confusion and healing where there is sickness. Irrespective of whether your illness is caused by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances, mantras bring calm and peace, thereby creating an improved situation

Listening to the Vedic mantras complements your medical treatment by removing the harmful energy from the heart and creating a positive environment for the heart. Nevertheless, you should continue taking your medicines and treatment unless you have been advised by your physician otherwise.

Listening to the mantras daily will help you fight against the negative energies, enhance the flow of positive energy and thus help you relieve your mental stress.

This cd contains specific mantras from different parts of Vedas which helps provide protection to the heart of the listener.

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