Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. However, when it gets out of control it can become destructive. Uncontrollable anger can lead to serious problems at work and in personal relationships, and may undermine the individual's overall quality of life.

Outbursts of anger may trigger heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems in the two hours immediately afterwards, according to the first study to systematically evaluate previous research into the link between the extreme emotion and all cardiovascular outcomes.

The study -- a systematic review and meta-analysis -- published in the European Heart Journal, found that in the two hours immediately after an angry outburst, a person's risk of a heart attack (myocardial infarction (MI) or acute coronary syndrome (ACS)) increased nearly five-fold (4.74%), the risk of stroke increased more than three-fold (3.62%), and the risk of ventricular arrhythmia also increased compared to other times when they were not angry.

The researchers found that the absolute risk increased if people had existing risk factors such as a previous history of cardiovascular problems, and the more frequently they were angry.

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“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” is a Chinese proverb.

Dealing with the angry dragon is no fun and if you want to learn how to calm down quickly, you have to know what to do in the moment, and what to do in the long run to make sure you live a calm and relaxing life. Everyone has a physical reaction to anger. Be aware of what your body is telling you, and take steps to calm yourself down. Arguments can make you very uncomfortable. The best way to resolve an argument is to negotiate with the other person.


Your heart beats faster and you breathe more quickly, preparing you for action. You might also notice other signs, such as tension in your shoulders or clenching your fists. If you notice these signs, get out of the situation if you have a history of losing control.


You may find a person or an issue upsets you so much that you lash out. Violence may also be a way to release frustration when you don’t know what is upsetting you. This can be dangerous to both you and others, and may result in criminal charges.

To overcome violence, write a list of things that make you angry, for example, particular situations, people, moods, drugs or alcohol. Think about ways to avoid these people or things and about ways to contain your violence. There are many people you can talk to who can help you overcome your feelings of wanting to lash out.

Everyone has arguments. Arguments can arise for any number of reasons. Unresolved arguments can cause problems. Once you have an argument, it is easy to stay angry or upset with the other person. If you don’t resolve arguments with people you see often, it can be a very uncomfortable experience.


Given below are a few tips to handle the situations when you are losing your temper:


Improving your physical condition can help you better manage your emotions -- and when exercise is used in conjunction with therapy and anger management strategies it can help you control anger, frustration and anxiety. Any exercise is better than no exercise at all, but some exercises are more effective at controlling anger than others.

Running, walking, swimming, yoga and meditation are just a few of the activities that can help to get rid of irritation and anger.


Anger management can be a solution of your overall well being. Anger management is directing the energy of anger into productive activities.


Ojas Foundation offers an anger management program where clients are offered strategies and techniques under expert guidance to manage excessive anger and make better life choices.

In our Anger management program we help in finding

Our unique methods implied are:


With a long list of negative effects, it is apparent that learning to monitor and control one’s anger is vital to a healthy and good life.  Not only can anger management improve one’s overall health, but it will also have a positive social effect.  When anger and fits are controlled, our work environment will become more efficient and less stressful, while at home we can improve our close relationships with family and friends.  Anger management therefore is a necessary and vital tool which can positively affect our life as well as those around us.

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