You must learn the art of meditation under an experienced teacher.

Practice meditation regularly and preferably at the same time every day.  Choose a time where there is least disturbance.

Sit with your spine straight and erect.

A mantra like AUM, Soham, or a Guru mantra can be used as an object of meditation. Its power lies in its vibrations when uttered verbally or mentally.

Practice for about 8 to 10 minutes initially. You can extend your time later on as per your need and capacity.

To attain the technique of meditation from gross level to subtle level we can train our mind to focus on an object like your own breath, or a flower or a candle flame or a mantra or any object that you can easily focus upon.  If the mind gets diverted do not feel discouraged. Gently bring the mind back to your chosen object.  Persistent meditation will re-establish physical and mental equilibrium.  Regular practice will induce deep sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. Pulse rate, and blood pressure and oxygen requirement comes down. Mind becomes more relaxed and receptive and can quickly pick up auto suggestions.

In the everyday life, the greater the amount of concentration an individual can congregate in him, the greater is his share of success. The mother in meditation surrenders absolutely to her child or to Almighty, gains intellectual poise, mental peace, and integrity beyond the ordinary purview of the average. The pregnant woman’s body gets into a state of Trans and she submerges herself. Practice of meditation should be regular and sincere and towards higher values and good qualities.



In general the mother needs to take care of the overall well being of her. The consciousness about organs involved in pregnancy will ensure proper nourishment to the growing fetus.

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