In the fear reduction program at Ojas, finding the origin of fear is the main objective. Taking self contributing factors and environment variables into consideration fear is deciphered. Utilizing powerful tools like yoga, relaxation and reflective activities we help you to chase fear out of your mind.

Each one of us has a predetermined programme in our mind. We have to change the programming of our mind. Wise thinking leads to discrimination of the good and the bad. When you have changed your programming, you start perceiving and acting positively. So it is wise thinking that holds the key to a positive frame of mind

Overcoming fear is possible, if you have faith that you can overcome the fear.If you have a fear, first understand the nature of the object that arouses it. Let us say you are afraid of your future. What you really fear is the uncertainty that surrounds events yet to happen. By living totally in the present and by planning ahead you can reduce the uncertainty and fear.

When we are living our life in “fear” our eating habits, sleeping patterns, exercise routine, etc., are all impacted. We eat emotionally, sleep irregularly and feel overwhelmed, directly affecting our desire to do anything more or anything consistently. The cycle of fear traps us inside ourselves, causing us to live our life shell shocked and desperately below our full potential.

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