Enrich Couple Bond

Every human being in the universe seeks happiness. We give and take energy from our companion. For this energy exchange to be mutually beneficial, the bond must be a two-way relationship. The first step towards enhancing couple bond is about the need to understand each other. Together, they seek to fulfill the core purpose of their lives, which is to strive for righteousness (dharma), prosperity (karma), and salvation (moksha). Listening to the mantras helps couple to evolve from the I to the We state of consciousness. It helps the couple discover the joy of being equal partners – who nurture and understand each other deeper and in more meaningful ways.

Benefits of the mantras

Assists couple to discover their personality.
Helps in learning to appreciate each other.
Helps them mature to the next phase of happy living and togetherness.
Helps to ease out couples problems.

The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in tracks


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