Prenatal Learning

The womb is the first school of learning for the baby.
What babies learn in the womb? Prenatal learning gives the parents the opportunity to teach core values of life to their baby. Parents shape baby’s brain development in the womb and beyond. It helps the unborn baby in the womb to tap its innate potential to grasp the opportunities available in this world. Prenatal learning process inculcates in the baby inside the womb a sense of reverential attitude towards all living beings.When can a baby hear in the womb? Modern studies indicate that babies begin to respond to sound stimulation as early as 24 weeks of pregnancy. As per the vedic texts, right from the nascent stages of development, the baby has a higher state of consciousness.The baby is in a state of meditation and is fully receptive to learning.Prenatal rituals are performed for the well being of the baby and mother at body, mind and soul level. The parents get the opportunity to equip the baby with great learning and values, which lays the foundation for the overall development of the baby into a holistic human being.
Benefits of Mantras
Introduces the baby to the Universe, Nature, Society, Humanity, Family, Cultures and Values.
Opens up the opportunity for the parents-to-be to mould the emotional and intellectual architecture of the baby.
Assists the baby imbibe the teachings of life skills for a purposeful living.
The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in tracks
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