Nurture the New Born

A baby’s formative period is the best chosen period when the parents can make the baby feel wanted, appreciated, stimulated and comforted, which helps the baby to create a strong bond with the parents. Caring for a new born baby and nurturing during the formative years helps children reach their full potential. This helps the baby develop its own unique identity. Empathy, to care, to share, and a host of other behavioral characteristics are formed in infancy and early childhood. A very well nurtured early childhood contributes in a big way for a healthy and happy existence of the new born infant.When the baby is showered with love, affection and care, it infuses baby’s radiant life force with vitality. It is the parent’s responsibility to protect the baby from the negative influences present in this world and surround the baby with positive energy. Good parenting involves love and careful attention to the needs of the new born in order to achieve holistic development of the new born.
Benefits of the mantras
Makes the baby feel safe, secure and protected.
Showers energy on the baby for a healthy growth and holistic development.
Creates a strong bond with the parents.
The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in tracks

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