For Happiness and Peace

Experience the ultimate truth of eternal happiness by listening to mantras for peace and happiness from Ojas Foundation.The vibrations of sanskrit mantras for peace and happiness can lift the believer towards the higher self.

It is in the nature of the human mind to seek happiness every moment of the waking hour, through every thought, experience and action. When engaged in a pleasurable activity, we wish to continue that activity forever.

Humans are inherently engineered to be happy all the time. But our ego and perceptions that one is superior or inferior in comparison to other human beings leads to anger, jealousy, fear, conflict and misery; which all collectively contribute towards unhappiness. The mind free from all this has peace and happiness at all times.

How to find happiness? Understanding the reality that every living being is divine eliminates conflict in all our relationships with fellow humans. You can choose to find happiness in everyday life.

Listening to Vedic chants will lead you through a meditative process that seep into the mind and helps remove the ignorance, anger, jealousy, fear, hatred, and ultimately- unhappiness. It fills the mind with the right kind of energy.

How to find peace? Elimination of ego and unconditional love without desire for attachment will lead to perpetual state of peace, love and happiness.

Listen and enjoy the benefits of Vedic mantras for good health through our wellness and pregnancy series cds.

Benefits of Mantras :
Understand the nature of happiness and peace
Trains the mind to retain the happiness and peace
Eliminates ignorance and fills the mind with wisdom
Builds an optimistic frame of mind
Helps one to realise the Supreme consciousness
The Compilation contains mantras from different parts of Vedas coded in 9 tracks
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