Our Founder

As early as the age of three, Shri. Tatwamasi Dixit was introduced to the power and breadth of the Vedas. His mission is translating the Vedic wisdom to modern management through the practical and innovative application of ancient knowledge by integrating the same with contemporary management systems. He is an avid researcher in the field of Vedas and modern science, specializing in the areas of Vedic Psychology and management.

He was conferred “Maharishi Badrayan Vyas Samman” by the President of India for the work done by him towards interdisciplinary studies on ancient Indian wisdom to the process of synergy between modernity and tradition.

Family Business Advisory
A successful family business consultant by profession, he has a deeper understanding of Indian values & culture in both family and business context. This helps him in working with many “Indian and non Indian family businesses” both in India and abroad to craft an appropriate unique solution for growth and succession. He has been successfully working with Indian, Arab, Jewish, and English families across the globe for more than a decade in multi cultural environment.

With this rich background of working with families globally, he has established a consulting firm “FABRIC”. Fabric is dedicated to Family Business Development offering specialised advice and service.

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