Therapeutic Yoga



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Yoga was practiced by yogis thousands of years ago. Yogis lead a disciplined life and practiced yoga to maintain physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual balance in their life. By leading such a holistic life, diseases did not near them. Today yoga has received a revolutionary attention in alternate healing methods.

Therapeutic yoga speaks about the yogic practices in order to treat a specific disease and restore balance. It rejuvenates and brings in a major shift in viewing life. Ojas therapeutic yoga understands the nature of disease and the origin of it. Depending on the nature, the kosha affected is determined and suitable yogic practices are been drawn to rectify it.

In addition to this it focuses on bringing back the balance and energy to the kosha which is affected. Asanas are carefully modified necessarily for the condition. Yogic practices are introduced to bring increased awareness of body, mind and soul through its philosophies.


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